Wounded Night

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    Wounded Night

    Noche herida

    Directed by

    Belgium, Colombia


    86 min

    • Spanish


    Violence has driven Blanca and three of her teenage grandchildren to the suburbs of Bogota. When Didier, the eldest, decides to leave home, Blanca does what she can to protect him from a distance and prevent her two younger grandchildren from meeting the same fate. She does this by leaning on her faith in the blessed souls and deeply rooted traditions that are not dead letters to her, but a means of transforming her reality and making it livable. This film, which is based on Blanca and her next-of-kin’s experiences and testimonies, concludes the “Campo hablado” trilogy along with En lo escondido and Los abrazos del río. More than a mere inventory of folklore and accepted practices, these documentaries seek to take us to a place where reality and the imagination, words and deeds, are one and the same. In Noche herida, a grandmother’s struggle makes her a powerful example of someone who is able to draw strength from the past and apply it to the present in the interests of the future.


    • Special mentions of the International Jury - Cinéma du Réel
    • Best Film (Colombian Competition) - FICCI



    Blanca Ligia Rodríguez
    Didier Ríos
    Camilo Ríos
    John Ríos
    Mauricio Ríos
    Claudia Ríos
    Hilda García
    Nicolás Rincón Gille
    Nicolás Rincón Gille

    Director's Statement

    WOUNDED NIGHT is the final part of the trilogy Campo hablado (“The Narrated Land”), a documentary project that sought to move closer to the oral traditions of the farmers in the Columbia’s countryside and their way of facing a violence of which they have often been the primary victims. This film project does not aim to give a voice to legends, nor does it embark on a contemplation of landscapes. Rather, the films endeavour to stand in a place where spoken word can confer meaning upon the landscape, a place where reality and imagination can intermingle.

    Nicolás Rincón Gille

    Nicolás Rincón Gille


    I make cinematic documentaries so that we can confront ourselves to a world we thought had ceased to exist, but which actually continues to live out the consequences of the past.

    After receiving a Bachelors in Economy in Bogotá, Nicolás Rincón Gille studied in Belgium at the INSAS. He worked as a cinematographer on a few films and directed three short films before embarking on his trilogy project dedicated to the richness of oral tradition in Columbia's countryside. The first part, THOSE WAITING IN THE DARK (2007), received the Joris Ivens Award at Cinéma du Réel, followed by the second part, THE EMBRACE OF THE RIVER (2010), which was awarded the Montgolfière d'Or Prize at the Festival des 3 Continents. WOUNDED NIGHT (2015) is the last part of the trilogy, awarded Special Mention from the International Jury at Cinéma de Réel and Best Film in the Colombian Competition at FICCI in 2016. His most recent short film, COLD KISSES (2016), was selected at the Cinéma du Réel.

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