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    Directed by

    Lebanon, Iraq, France


    101 min

    • Arabic


    Mar del Plata IFFGijon IFFValdivia IFFCarthage FFAFI FESTAthens Avant-Garde FFHuman Rights FF, Croatia

    Young Yara lives with her grandmother in a valley in northern Lebanon, where most of the inhabitants have either died or moved abroad. One day Elias, a young hiker, passes by the two women’s farm. With him, Yara will experience the joys and pains of first love.



    Michelle Wehbe
    Elias Freifer
    Mary Alkady
    Abbas Fahdel
    Abbas Fahdel
    Abbas Fahdel


    Despite the plot unfolding in a remote Lebanese village, Yara remains true to its role models, and for that reason it manages to strike up a secret dialogue with Buñuel and Bresson.

    Carlota Moseguí, Cineuropa

    The films of Abbas Fahdel are unique in the way they represent the area in which they unfold. His movies immortalise the sheer authenticity of the places he chooses, as well as the day-to-day life of the people who live there.

    Carlota Moseguí, Cineuropa

    Abbas Fahdel

    Abbas Fahdel


    I am only able to make films about people and themes I like; about my family, my friends and my homeland. Although I’ve lived in France since the age of 18, every time I go to Iraq I am in my element, like an Iraqi among Iraqis. On the other hand, when shooting, I have to keep a certain distance from the things I’m shooting as a filmmaker while retaining a certain sympathy for the protagonists.

    Abbas Fahdel was born in Babylon, Iraq, and studied filmmaking in France. He returned to his home country in 2002 to make his first documentary, BACK TO BABYLON, followed by WE IRAQIS in 2004. He directed his first fiction film, DAWN OF THE WORLD, in 2008, before returning to the documentary form with HOMELAND (IRAQ YEAR ZERO, 2015), which won the Grand Prix in Nyon and the Doc Alliance Selection Award in Locarno. YARA (2018) was his second fiction feature film selected in the 33th Mar del Plata Film Festival. BITTER BREAD (2019) is his new documentary.

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