Yasmina and Mohammed

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    Yasmina and Mohammed

    Directed by

    Algeria, France


    63 min

    • French


    Yasmina Khadra's story is hardly ordinary. His life is an epic tale. This author of numerous books, most of which are violent stories set during the Algerian civil war from the nineties, revealed his true identity back in 2000. Yasmina is not a woman. Khadra is a pen name. His real name is Mohammed Moulessehoul and he's a commanding officer in the Algerian army. Through the life, poetry and work of one of its greatest writers, this film is also a film about Algeria, a country dragged into the world with forceps.


    Nara Keo Kasal
    Elisabeth Juste
    Margarida Guia
    Régine Abadia

    Régine Abadia


    Régine Abadia began her career directing short fiction films and won several awards. This project is in line with her film: THE CREATURES, which won the First Award in the imaginary and science-fiction film festival of Roanne in 1993. She has directed many documentaries in the last 15 years. She works also as a scriptwriter (Les Mille Merveilles De L’univers by Jean-Michel Roux ; Panshin Beka Winoni by Jan Kounen ; Qumrän, to be directed by Jan Kounen). And she is also a photographer (Various exhibitions and still photographer on set on Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky by Jan Kounen.)

    Selected Filmography