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Directed by Hique Montanari

  • Brazil 2017; 88 min
  • Original version: Portuguese, English
  • Genre: Drama


YONLU is a fiction film based on the real story of a 16 year-old boy who, aided by the internet, won over the world with his talent for music and art. Fluent in five languages, an illustrator, photographer, and writer of experimental music, YONLU had a critical view of society and shared it through a network of virtual friends from all continents. However, in the seclusion of his bedroom, YONLU signed up to a forum for potential suicides. On it, in 2006 he found the encouragement to take his own life, which left those around him shocked and dumbfounded. The release of a posthumous album with 14 of his songs by a major New York label has drawn further attention to his immense talent. In addition to a fictional narrative, the film YONLU uses the languages of animation, musical, and video-clip to tell the story of an extremely creative boy along the pathways of the internet, which pathways seemed to be so bright and welcoming but which also concealed dark, dangerous corners.



    Luciana Tomasi 


    Hique Montanari