Ziva Postec. The editor behind the film Shoah

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Ziva Postec. The editor behind the film Shoah (Ziva Postec. La monteuse derrière le film Shoah)

Directed by Catherine Hébert

  • Canada 2018; 92 min
  • Original version: French, English
  • Genre: Documentary


In 2018, Claude Lanzmann, the maker of one of the most monumental cinematic works of all time, died. Although she spent decades in the titan’s shadow, SHOAH editor Ziva Postec was an indispensable part of the project. She dedicated six years of her life, from 1979 to 1985, to constructing the right pace and sequence for 350 hours of footage documenting the “extermination process.” Postec recalls the gargantuan, painful and necessary task for Catherine Hébert’s camera, revealing the film’s profound impact on her personal life. Supplemented with previously unseen images from the making of SHOAH, ZIVA POSTEC is a moving portrait of an artist who went largely unnoticed, eclipsed by the towering presence of her male colleague.




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