Go2Films - Expressing thought and diversity through high-quality award winning films
Go2Films is a leading Israeli distribution company, specializes in sales, marketing and exhibition of award winning, high quality independent Israeli series, fiction and documentary films.
Go2Films catalog offers artistically excellent films by both internationally acclaimed directors and budding talents, focusing on compelling stories which resonate with the world-wide audience. The variety of films explore the social and multi-cultural aspects of life, focusing on Human Rights, Social Issues, Culture, Religion, Women and Modern History.
Go2Films success lies in the personal contact with filmmakers and clients, in keeping an open mind, in using creative tools and in the passion for every film represented. Go2Films titles encourage thought, express diversity and bring in hope and a good sense of humor.
Hedva Goldschmidt founded Go2Films in 2005. Prior to that, she headed the Distribution Department at The Ma'ale Film School and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator.