About Festival Scope Pro

International film festivals are excellent windows to discover talented filmmakers and their films, helping them to shed the Well-Kept Secret label....

Festival Scope Pro is the online platform for film professionals only, allowing programming of selected festivals around the world to be viewed online on demand.
An allround tool to access the full potential of the international festival circuit.

You will be able to watch films, discover new talent, contact rights holders and directors, view exclusive content... 
Feature films & documentaries, shorts, works in progress, as well as information on projects presented in co-production markets.

All on one website!

If you are a film professional involved in acquisitions, programming, international co-productions, promotion or reviewing of films and you want to try the service, please feel free to register here: https://pro.festivalscope.com/sign-up

Why should you become a member of Festival Scope Pro?

You will be able to:

  • Screening of films
  • Information on projects
  • Multimedia (trailers, promo reels, interviews, clips)
  • Downloadable promotional materials (stills, posters, press books)
  • Create and manage your own playlist
  • Scribble down notes while viewing a film
  • View detailed screening reports and contact the viewers (for rights holders only)
  • Contact rights holders
  • Contact directors
    Receive a weekly newsletter including updates and info on recent festivals, awards, directors and films


Alessandro Raja
Where does Alessandro come from?
Italy and a solid sales background at Celluloid Dreams and Coproduction Office.
What does Alessandro do?
Alessandro got the idea and strength to develop it! He oversees all aspects of Festival Scope.

Mathilde Henrot:
Where does Mathilde come from?
Paris and the experience of sales and acquisitions at MK2
What does Mathilde do?
Mathilde handles communication, financial & legal matters ...mmm!

Juliette Canon:
Where does Juliette come from?
Juliette is from France and her background is in Italian Cinema and film archives.
What does Juliette do?
Juliette uses her experience with film festivals to find exciting new partnerships and bring an always expanding line-up of films to the platform from festivals around the world.

Tanner Stechnij:
Where does Tanner come from?
Austin, Texas and then Phoenix, Arizona -- in the desert, they studied journalism.
What does Tanner do?
They ensure Festival Scope users always have the most up-to-date selection of films from the world's festivals, and reminds them of these treasures by writing the newsletter!

Matthieu Eberhardt:
Where does Matthieu come from?
France, with a background of Film Studies and Cultural Management.
What does Matthieu do?
Matthieu is involved in developing media partnerships and marketing campaigns while working directly with film festivals to bring an ever-changing selection of films to Festival Scope

Dominique Gregory:
Where does Dominique come from?
London, UK, with a background in Film and American Studies.
What does Dominique do?
Dominique helps upkeep the Festival Scope site and contributes in user engagement by writing the newsletter and social media posts.

Will Daniel Moya Lalinde:
Where does Will come from?
Colombia with a background in Film Production and studies in Film Distribution and Marketing.
What does Will do?
Will works with film festivals to bring the finest cinema to film lovers worldwide. He also helps film festivals to develop their online version to keep cinema alive, against all odds.

Lina Kherrat:
Where does Lina come from?
Algeria with a background in digital business and UX/UI design.
What does Lina do?
Lina manages the technical part of the Festival Scope platforms and ensures you enjoy your experience on the website.

Emanuele Sacchi:
Where does Emanuele come from?
Milan, Italy, and a mixed background, divided between account management for software companies, film programming and music and film journalism.
What does Emanuele do?
Emanuele is the account of Festival Scope/Shift72 platform for festivals in Italy, Switzerland, English-speaking Europe and Middle East.

Camilla Di Renzo:
Where does Camilla come from?
Camilla is originally from Italy with a background in international film festivals.
What does Camilla do?
Camilla takes care of festival partnerships and works with sales agents and labels to present you their latest showcase of movies!

Jamie Aylward:

Where does Jamie come from?
San Francisco, CA with a background in writing, communications, and economics. 
What does Jamie do?
Jamie helps keep the website up to date, tracks the film press, and drives user engagement by writing the newsletter and social media. 

Dunja Subasic:
Where does Dunja come from?
Serbia, with a background in documentary cinema and filmmaking.
What does Dunja do?
Dunja helps to upkeep the Festival Scope site fresh and bold.

Laura Trad:
Where does Laura come from?
Beirut, Lebanon with a background in film studies and international relations
What does Laura do?
Laura helps to bring film festivals to the general public on Festival Scope, by keeping the website up-to-date and writing the newsletters.

Hanbi Lee:
Where does Hanbi come from?
South Korea, with a background in sociology and documentary film making.
What does Hanbi do?
Hanbi helps keeping the Festival Scope site up to date and developing media partnership.