Please don't hesitate to send us your questions directly to feedback@festivalscope.com if you do not find an answer here.

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Festivals & Films

Why doesn't Festival Scope Pro show all films from a festival?
We invite professionals to attend festivals! Festival Scope Pro doesn't replace the festivals. The idea is to curate, therefore select a limited number of films and highlight them the best way we can!

What is the search criteria I can use to find a film?
You can look for films, directors and companies linked to films. You can do this by searching the international title, the original title, the name of the director or the name of the Festival, Label or Line Up. And you can also filter the films by genre, tag, language, country, production year, runtime and sales company. Dive in!

I am a filmmaker or a producer. How can I submit my film to Festival Scope Pro?
The films presented on Festival Scope Pro are carefully selected in collaboration with Festival Scope Pro's partner film festivals and organizations. We invite films selected by these festivals and which meet the conditions linked to a specific partnership (e.g. depending on the festival: this includes films presented in specific sections, films from a certain country or region, debut films, award winning films etc).
Nevertheless, it's still possible to spontaneously submit a film to Festival Scope Pro so please feel free to contact us at feedback@festivalscope.com, should you need more information.

I represent a film festival. How can a festival become a partner of Festival Scope Pro?
Contact us at feedback@festivalscope.com! We generally highlight festivals which screen world premieres, as these films usually interest film professionals the most. But we like to make exceptions, so go ahead, write to us and we can discuss the conditions!

(for members only)

How can I watch a film?
You must be a member of Festival Scope Pro! To become a member is easy: click here. Please note that only professionals involved in acquisitions, programming, production or press are allowed to join.

How many times can I watch a film?
You can watch each film only once, but you can restart at any time from where you left off (please note: this depends on the availability dates of the film).

Why can I see a film only once?
This is for security reasons. We don't want users to pass their log in details to other people. If you wish to invite a colleague to watch a film, please suggest him/her to join. If you wish to invite a non-professional, please suggest him/her to become a film professional!

I had to interrupt a screening, will I be able to start back from where I left off?
Yes! The next time you choose to watch the film, it will automatically start from where you left off, even if you use a different digital device.

Can I rewind the film if I missed a scene?
Yes, you can rewind approximately 5 minutes to watch the scene you missed.

I forgot to pause the film and I missed more than 5 minutes. What can I do to solve this issue?
Send us a request for an extra screening to feedback@festivalscope.com! Please use in moderation...

Why are there some films I can't screen?
The availability of each film depends on the rights holders’ decision: they can choose to exclude professionals from specific countries and also specific professional categories according to their distribution strategy. But keep going back on the film pages as their availability changes frequently! And don’t hesitate to send them a direct personal message in order to explain why it's important for you (and for the film) that you have access to it as this will help you to convince them!

Why do I have to make a request to the rights holder in order to watch certain films?
Some films have just been launched and some rights holders like to have complete control and approve each screening request. Once you send the request, the rights holder of that film can choose whether to approve it or not. If they agree, you will receive a notification e-mail and you'll be able to watch the film. When requesting to view to a film, don’t hesitate to add a personal message for the rights holder to convince him/her to grant you immediate access!

For how long is a film available for screening on Festival Scope Pro?
The availability dates of each film are decided through a common agreement with the rights holders. The usual availability period is one year since films are generally available only until the beginning of the following year's edition of the Festival. But this can vary from film to film, so the smartest thing to do is to avoid postponing your online screenings and watch the films as soon as they are made available.
Please note: if a film is under the status “Not available for screening anymore”, it's not possible to ask the rights holders to let you watch it.

May a film that is not currently available for screening become available at a later date?
Yes, availability dates are updated regularly and it may happen that a film becomes available again, even if it's not a common procedure.

Why is my name displayed on the film?
This is a security measure requested by many rights holders.

Why do some films have a time-code or another mark on the image?
The rights holders provide us with the video source, and they may choose to use a time-code or another mark on the image for extra security reasons. Most films we show are brand new and some rights holders are extremely careful not to have it leaked.

Can I download a film?
Nope, the films can only be streamed. Downloading is not allowed.

Contact Rights Holders and Directors
(for members only)

How can I contact the rights holder of a film?
Click on the envelope icon next to the production and/or sales contact at the end of the film page. You will then be able to send a message.

How can I contact the director of a film?
Use the "Send a Message" button on the director's page if available.

Why can't I send a message to some rights holders or directors?
It's up to them to choose if they want to be contacted via Festival Scope or not. Some might be shy… ;)

Watch Later
(for members only)

How can I add a film to the "To Watch" list?
Just click on the "Watch Later" button underneath the main image of the selected film page. You can also add a film to your playlist by choosing "Continue Later" when you stop watching a film before the end.

I clicked on “Watch Later”, is it too late to watch the film now?
No, you can watch it whenever you want.

A film I haven’t finished viewing was moved to the "Watched" tab, how did it get there?
Films are automatically saved in your “My Scope” playlist, in the "Watched" tab to help you keep track of the films you view on Festival Scope.

A film I haven’t finished watching was moved to the "Watched" tab, how can I move it to the "To Watch" tab?
When you stop playing the film, you should choose the "Continue Later" option and the film will be placed within the "To Watch" tab.

Screening Reports
(for members only)

How can I check who has watched my films?
You can find the detailed screening reports in “My Scope”, “My Films”. All screenings exceeding 59 seconds will be displayed. You will be able to see who has watched the film, when, for how long and also be able to get in touch with them.

How can I contact professionals who have watched my film?
You can contact professionals who have watched your film directly via Festival Scope Pro. The viewer will then receive an e-mail and will be able to reply to your e-mail.

My Info
(for members only)

How can I change my personal information?
You can update your profile by going on "My Scope”, and then on “My Info". Although, you will be able to modify your personal information, you will however have to send those changes via the requested forms in order for them to be approved by us. When doing so, please give us as many details as possible.

Why can't I change all my personal information directly?
For security reasons we have to validate some of the changes. We are only open to members that are film professionals, therefore we need to check every profile thoroughly.

My Feed
(for members only)

What's “My Feed” all about?
The purpose of “My Feed” is to let you know about all recent activity on your account. Notice that envelope icon on the right? Every time a number shows up next to it that means you have a notification to check! Should you receive a message, an invitation to watch a film or have a screening request approved, we'll make sure you're informed.


How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?
If you are not registered yet, you can simply go to “My Scope”, “My Info” and sign in.


I was playing the film but the video looked choppy and my screening was interrupted, what's that about?
In most cases it's due to a slow or unstable Internet connection. Please try with an alternative connection.
Also please make sure your computer meets the system requirements:

  • At least 2 GB RAM
  • At least 2 Ghz processing power

The following recommendations can also improve your system's potential to view the films:

  • Shut down all other programs
  • Try using the Google Chrome browser (which uses less resources)
  • If you are already using Google Chrome, try a different browser (Safari / Firefox on Mac or Edge / Firefox on PC)
  • Restart your computer and don't do anything else except starting the browser and watching the film

You can also try with a different computer if the issue still occurs.

How can I watch films on Festival Scope Pro with my iPad or iPhone?
You can download the Festival Scope Pro app for iPad and iPhone here! By installing the application, you will be able to watch films on your device online and offline.

How can I watch films on Festival Scope Pro with my Android device?
We are currently working on an Android application. For the moment you can watch films on your phone directly through our website using the Chrome or Firefox app.

Which browser should I use to access Festival Scope Pro?
Festival Scope Pro is compatible with the latest versions of Internet browsers. We do not guarantee full compatibility with Internet Explorer. Please make sure to update your browser regularly to fully benefit from the platform.

Why does the image quality of the films change sometimes?
The quality of the image depends on the quality of the source we receive from rights holders to encode films. Please consider that we always use the best available material.
The quality also varies automatically depending on your Internet connection: the fastest it is, the better the quality.

Do you show films in High Definition (HD)?
Yes, we have introduced the HD quality in case the rights holder is able to provide us with a HD file of the film. You will need a powerful connection to be able to reach the HD quality during the viewing!

Can I watch films using my TV or video projector?
Yes you can. In order to watch films on your TV or by using a video projector you need a PC-to-TV or PC-to-projector cable. If you encounter problems please let us know and we'll do our best to help you.


Who can join Festival Scope Pro?
Festival Scope Pro is exclusively addressed at film professionals who are actively involved in acquisitions, programming, promotion, exhibition, distribution, production or film journalism. Filmmakers are eligible only in case they have a film presented on Festival Scope Pro.

How can I invite someone to join Festival Scope Pro?
If you wish to invite a film professional to join Festival Scope Pro, please suggest him/her to fill out the membership form here.

We would like to register a group of film professionals. Do you do group discounts?
Yes, we do offer group discounts from 5 people on. The more the cheaper.

I would like to become a member but do not have a credit card. What to do?
Please contact us at feedback@festivalscope.com and we'll make sure to find an alternative payment method.

Is it possible to pay for 1 month only?
Yes, we now offer the option to register for a monthly membership. The membership will be renewed each month automatically, but you can opt out at any time.

Where do I find my invoice?
You can find your invoice in “My Scope”, and then within the “My Invoicing” section. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at feedback@festivalscope.com.

Contact Us

How I can offer some feedback and suggestions to Festival Scope Pro?
We would be happy to hear your opinion and suggestions. To do so, please send us an e-mail to feedback@festivalscope.com.

The Company

Who is financing Festival Scope Pro?
Festival Scope Pro is a trademark owned by Moving Scope, a completely independent company financed by private funds and supported by the MEDIA Pilot Projects and by the RIAM network (Research and Innovation in Audiovisual and Multimedia), co-financed by CNC and Oséo.